Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glides are a brand new blind system, which is ideal for large window and door openings. They consist of  5,7 or 9 large panels available in a huge range of fabrics and natural grasses. The retractable panels can be easily slid aside into a neat stack beside windows with the use of a flick stick. The slim track is available in black or white and is hardly noticeable as the entire window opening is revealed.

Panel Glide can be a very cost-effective way to cover large opening where Vertical blinds are not desired.

  • Up to 10 track is available, If the window has suitable space.
  • Sunscreen fabric gives UV protection and maintains your view.
  • Designer fabrics bring a stylish look to any room.
  • Blockout fabric gives room darkening. 
  • Translucent fabric allows light to enter while maintaining privacy.

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