We use the superior Mortise HD8 deadlock for hinged doors, which pivotally latches on closing, and is unlatched by levers from either side. The key to a good security door system lies in have superior locks - otherwise it defeats the purpose of your investment.

Benefits of the HD8 Lockset (Our standard superior locking system)
  • The HD8 bolt is snib lockable from the inside, and key lockable from both sides.
  • The pivotal bolt hooks behind the strike plate to resist forced entry
  • Upgradeable to a triple lock by adding HD8 Multi-Point (HD16) - purchased separately
  • Choice of standard lever-set or decorative brass lever-set
  • Door handing must be specified when ordering decorative brass lever-set
  • The bolt is secured within the lock case with a steel pin
  • Suitable for left and right handed doors
  • Proven reliability
  • Fits industry standard cut outs
  • Manufactured in EZDA 3 zinc alloy
  • Employs Austral Lock cylinders with brass keys
Benefits of the HD8 Multi-Point (HD16) Our superior triple locking system
  • Remote locking kit converting the HD8 lock into a 3-point lock for hinged doors. The HD16 remote "parrot beak" locks deadlock when the center lock is locked by snib or key.
  • Different center lock lever heights are available, the required HD16 model product code (HD16H/L/P) should be specified when ordering.
  • Pivotal "parrot beak" bolts hook behind the strike plates to resist forced entry
  • Maximum protection when used with JRSP3 or JRSP4 strike plates quiet and reliable Bowden cables with no adjustment required
  • Deadlocking bolt with both snib and key locking
  • Heavy lock casing secured by steel rivets
  • Suits left and right handed doors
  • Manufactured in steel and EZDA 3 zinc alloy with steel rivets
  • Proven reliability
  • Fits industry standard cut outs

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