Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a stylish, economical way to cover any size window or door opening.


The vertical blinds can be pulled back out of the way to expose a desired view - without having a significant amount of fabric obstructing the window as with curtains. 

  • A simple operation of the cord or mono control wand allows total privacy at night. 
  • Our extensive range of fabrics means you can enhance the existing colour scheme in your room - or to create a new look and feel to your room.
  • Our extensive industry experience and knowledge is offered in a non intrusive way to help you make an informed decision.
  • The blinds can be manufactured to fit any size opening.
  • There is a large range of fabrics to choose from - easy to clean block out fabrics to semi opaque, jacquard and sheer.
  • The tracking system we use incorporates individual stainless steel links between each blade carriage - not plastic. This avoids damage if undue stress is applied, giving you years of perfect operation.
  • The mechanisms are enclosed in a sturdy slim line powder coated aluminium extrusion in a range of colours to suit any décor. 
  • The new mono wand control is simple to use and eliminates unsightly cords and chains from hanging down around window and door openings making it completely safe around children. 
  • Chainless bottom weights further increase safety, makes cleaning a breeze and avoids maintenance in the future.
  • Planetary Head Unit
    Designed to receive fabric insert strip. Geared to allow for the finest adjustment and ease of rotation. Colour co-ordinated to match channel.
  • Dual Channel Insert
    Allows fabric insert to be fitted to either side of the reversible track.
  • Clear Carrier Hook
    Allows the fabric colour to reflect. UV resistant. Shorter length allowing blades to fit closer to channel. Less day light filters through between blades and channel.
  • Direct Drive Head Unit
    Allows blades to rotate more quickly.
  • Snap in Type Bracket
    Allows for easier installation or dismantling. Remains concealed when track is in place.
  • Carrier
    Allows the hooks to be self aligning. Runs on wheels for smooth operation.
  • Carrier Lock
    Blades ca be pushed back for easier cleaning of glass.
  • Stainless Steel Spacer Links
    Seven different sizes allows the blades to have an even overlap throughout the entire drape. Will not deteriorate under any climate conditions.
  • Rotation Chain
    Colour co-ordinated. Polyester cord. Acedtal beads.
  • Slimline Appearance
    More streamlined without decreasing in strength.
  • 100% Australian Made
    Quality Assurance of all Uniline products.

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